Sidescan Sonar Images of the SS Ozama Shipwreck


SS Ozama Sonar Images

Confidential/Proprietary Sonar Images

Except for the sidescan sonar images shown below (which were made with an 1198C Humminbird side-imaging sonar and have had the GPS/longitude/latitude information removed and/or have been otherwise edited), all sonar images of the SS Ozama shipwreck are still considered to be confidential and proprietary information and, for that reason, have not been released by Spence Trust Inc. to the general public. The ownership/salvage rights to the wreck are owned by underwater archaeologist Dr. E. Lee Spence. Dr. Spence does intend to release additional data/images in the future, so please check here again from time to time. 

Important Notice: Up to three images from this page may be used (without any material alteration) by third parties posting or writing about the SS Ozama and/or the Cape Romain shipwrecks, and/or Dr. E. Lee Spence, if and only if, they are properly identified and credited as “© 2013 by”

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SS Ozama: Sonar Image 0250

SS Ozama: Sonar Image 0357

SS Ozama: Sonar Image 0271

SS Ozama: Sonar Image 0220

SS Ozama: Sonar Image 0365

SS Ozama: Sonar Image 0359

SS Ozama: Sonar Image 0355

SS Ozama: Sonar Image 0606

More on the SS Ozama, Ex-Craigallion

Information on: Discovery of the Ozama
Information on: Construction & physical details
Information on: Steam engine and machinery
Information on: Towing history
Information on: Smuggling guns
Information on: Seizure & release
Information on: Miscellaneous Voyages
Information on: Wrecked in the Bahamas
Information on: Re-flagging as American steamship
Information on: Wrecked off Cape Romain, SC
Information on: The shipwreck as it is today
(private not currently available to general public)
Information on: Shipping money
(private not currently available to general public)

Image Files Relating to Shipwreck Ozama

Images: Photos of artifacts found on the Ozama
(private not currently available to general public)
Images: Photos of people and work in progress
(private not currently available to general public)
Images: Maps & charts relating to Ozama’s history
(private not currently available to general public)
Images: Archaeological and technical drawings
(private not currently available to general public)

Ownership of Salvaged Gold & Artifacts

The above posts all deal with the steamer Ozama, which was shipwrecked off Cape Romain, South Carolina in 1894 and discovered and identified by underwater archaeologist Dr. E. Lee Spence in 1979 and 2013 respectively. He also discovered other abandoned wreckage in the same general vicinity. In 2012, the Federal District Court ruled that Spence was the “true and exclusive owner of the abandoned wreckage” (which includes the Ozama and all of the other shipwrecks that he had found in the specific area designated in his court filing), which means he is already the legal owner of any and all shipwreck gold, silver, cannons, hulls, engines, rigging, and other artifacts on those wrecks. To learn more about shipwrecks in general, check out Spence’s page on Facebook. This is not and should not be considered part of any offering memorandum.