Headlines & Quotes about Spence’s Work

Some Headlines About Spence’s Work

“Frankly Margaret, He’s Unmasked Rhett Butler” The Philadelphia Daily News

“Shipwrecks Are His Business” The Professional (University of South Carolina)

“Treasure Hunting? It’s Being Paid for Fun” – The Daily Oklahoman

“Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Mumm!” People magazine (Time-Life)

Some Quotes About Spence’s Work

“I congratulate you” – Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau, director, Institute Océanographique, Monaco

“South Carolina is indebted to you for the wonderful contribution you have made to archeology.” – David M. Beasley, Governor of the State of South Carolina

“Let me take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and profound gratitude for your generous and historic donation to the State of your rights to the submarine H.L. Hunley– Charles Molony Condon, Attorney General of the State of South Carolina

“But, hell, Rhett Butler is part of all our lives and so, of course, I can enjoy the unveiling.” – Norman Mailer, award winning novelist

“We are proud of you and your fine talents” – Strom Thurmond, United States Senator

“… happy to claim ‘kin’ with you!” – Floyd D. Spence, Member of Congress, United States

“I applaud what you are about” – Thomas Griffith, Editor, Life magazine

“Congratulations. You certainly are on the right road.” – Mendel Peterson, Director, Underwater Exploration Program, Smithsonian Institution

“The artifacts recovered from the blockade runners wrecks sound very interesting, you seem to have hit the jackpot.” – William E. Geoghegan, Museum Specialist, Division of Transportation, Smithsonian Institution

“As a diver, I can visualize the excitement of finding an intact old wreck, and I certainly wish I could see them for myself.” – Luis Marden, Chief, Foreign Editorial Staff, National Geographic Magazine

“We (the editors) all agree that the amazingly intact cargo of the Georgiana makes it a vessel of special interest.” – Andrew H. Brown, Assistant Editor, National Geographic Magazine

“I think your activities would make an interesting part of my story, without prejudicing your chances of later having a Geographic story all to yourself.” – James Cerruti, Assistant Editor, National Geographic Magazine

“Looking Forward to hearing more about your programs & activities.” – Paul J. Tzimoulis, Publisher, Skin Diver magazine

“You are to be commended for your initiative” – Edwin C. Bearss, Historian Emeritus, United States National Park Service

“Please accept my congratulations and gratitude for the conveyance of your interest in the H.L. Hunley to the State of South Carolina” – Senator Glenn F. McConnell, Chairman, The Hunley Commission

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