YO-HO-HO and a Bottle of MUMM

Dr. Spence in People magazine

The November 16, 1987 issue of People magazine had a major (three-page) article on underwater archaeologist Dr. E. Lee Spence’s work on the wreck of the Canadian steamer Regina, which had been lost in Lake Huron in the Great Storm of the Great Lakes in November of 1913.  Because Spence’s team had recovered cases of still drinkable G.H. Mums Champagne from the shipwreck, the article was appropriately titled: “YO-HO-HO and a Bottle of MUMM.” Besides photos of various artifacts and Dr. Spence on the boat, the article included a picture of Dr. Spence and his bride (Dawna Marie Higgins of Seal Cove, Maine) pouring some of the old and some of the new Champagne for their dinner guests after their wedding.

To learn more about the Regina, go to: http://shipwrecks.com/1913-shipwreck-regina/.

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