Full-Tuition Scholarship for Commercial Diving awarded to Rebecca Ziegler

Charleston, SC: The International Diving Institute (IDI) announced today that an up-and-coming, young, scientific diver, Rebecca Ziegler, has completed her second of four months of commercial diver training, an opportunity made possible through a scholarship awarded by IDI through the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS). Rebecca is the first recipient of the scholarship, which is to be awarded annually. AUAS will make the actual selections.

Rebecca Ziegler July 2016 uncropped IDI photo

I am so thankful for this opportunity to expand my dive training, says Rebecca. The skills and knowledge I acquire at IDI will help further my future in the underwater world.

Rebecca Ziegler in training tank at IDI poor quality 2016

The scholarship awarded to Rebecca covers about $18,000 in tuition and school fees. IDI also provided gear for Rebecca to use during training at no cost.

Rebecca Ziegler learning to use hyperbaric chamber controls at IDI 2016

The staff at IDI have enjoyed the bright and cheery attitude Rebecca brings with her each day. She is a pleasure to have in class, says Ben Merkel, the lead instructor for the school.

Rebecca Ziegler being checked by student tender at IDI

International Diving Institute (IDI) is a commercial diving and underwater welding training facility located on the Cooper River in North Charleston, SC. Courses offered at IDI include Commercial Diving, HAZMAT, Underwater Welding Certification, and Remotely Operated Vehicle Pilot and Technician. Known for its highly-qualified graduates, IDI places an emphasis on diver safety and realistic settings for training, teaching student divers in the same environment that commercial divers work every day.

Rebecca Ziegler being assisted with helmet at IDI 2016

Graduates of IDI find employment across the United States and around the world, building and maintaining infrastructure positioned at or under the water. Graduates receive assistance for finding a job, with the Institute maintaining a greater-than-92% placement rate.

AUAS is an international, multi-disciplinary, non-profit organization. Besides awarding various scholarships to deserving young divers, AUAS is dedicated to recognizing pioneers and leaders who have had a global impact on the exploration, enjoyment, safety, and preservation of the underwater world. It does that through five major awards (called NOGIs), which are presented annually for accomplishments relating to diving. The NOGI has long been considered the most prestigious award in the diving industry, and is statistically more difficult to get than an Oscar, an Emmy or a Pulitzer Prize. Its recipients have ranged from Jacques Cousteau to movie director James Cameron. Dr. E. Lee Spence, one of the founders of IDI, is another NOGI honoree.

The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences is committed to supporting its members as they pass on the stewardship of the sea to future generations. The scholarships to the International Diving Institute awarded through AUAS are to encourage and help younger divers to make their own mark.

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