Sea Research Society

Sea Research Society

Research & Exploration

The Sea Research Society was founded in 1972 to promote scientific and educational endeavors in any of the marine sciences or marine histories with the goal of obtaining knowledge for the ultimate benefit to mankind. The Society does archival research, conducts underwater expeditions and disseminates information about its work to the public. For over forty years its motto has been “Knowledge Through Research and Exploration.”™

Sea Research Society headquarters.

Sea Research Society Headquarters, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, photo by Jo Pinkard circa 1974


Dr. E Lee Spence, Founder & President; Christopher Mowers, Executive Vice President; Rusty Whiting, Vice President – Training; Albert Veli Kalio, Vice President – Environmental; Jim McNeill, Vice President – Arctic Expeditions

Board of Advisors

The Society’s original Board of Advisors consisted of Luis Marden of National Geographic Magazine; Mendle L. Peterson, Chief of Underwater Exploration, Smithsonian Institution; Frederic Dumas, French underwater archaeologist of Cousteau fame; Anders Franzen, Swedish underwater archaeologist and discoverer of the Swedish warship Vasa; Ron A. Gibbs, Curator Armed Forces History, National Parks Service; Paul Tzimoulis, Publisher, Skin Diver magazine; Ed Bearss, Senior Historian, National Parks Service; Robert F. Marx, undersea explorer; E. Lee Spence, Underwater Archaeology Editor, NAUI’s Diving World magazine; Peter Throckmorton, “discoverer of the oldest known shipwreck;” Pablo Bush Romero, President, CEDAM; and others of similar note. Virtually all were published authors and internationally known for their works with shipwrecks. All were pioneers in their fields and several have been described as the “father of underwater archaeology.” Unfortunately, a number of these original members are now deceased. Sea Research Society is a non-profit educational organization. 

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